Executive Doctor of Business Administration

Program Overview

Executive Doctor of Business Administration (Executive DBA)

Executive DBA

The Executive Doctor of Business Administration program equips IBSS graduates with competencies to address complex modern business problems, the know how to apply advanced research methods and inter-disciplinary knowledge, apply independent and critical thinking ability and understand ethical behavior as it relates to business. The Executive DBA program develops new and applicable knowledge in an area of business, so that the graduate can lead and manage an organization effectively in a global and rapidly changing environment. And lastly, produces IBSS graduates who can solve business problems while looking for opportunities in an innovative and creative way. Graduates of the Executive DBA program are motivated, independent, knowledgeable and with the attitude that can put them ahead in the international business marketplace and they will be experts in their field of research. An Executive Doctorate degree in Business Administration sets you apart from the crowd, signifying to employers not only business proficiency but also a commitment towards personal and organizational growth. As an Executive DBA holder you will have a wide range of career opportunities.

Why Study the Executive Doctor of Business Administration program?

  • Lecturers with excellent qualifications and experience in the respective field.
  • Master research methodology and skills.
  • Improve analytical, critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Enable students to conduct their own research papers.
  • Combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience.


18 months (minimum)

to 48 months (maximum)

105 ECTS


Full-time or Part-time

Blended Learning or Online



Entry Requirements


Recognized Master degree
approved by IBSS
or Bachelor degree in relevant field plus 10 years management experience in business field


IELTS 6.5 (or equivalent)

Exit Requirements

Successfully Pass
All Courses

Executive Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
Study Plan

The program duration is 2-years but can be finalized in minimum 18 months. Students will study selected courses specialized in business administration during the first part of the program. They will finish each course within a period of 4 to 8 weeks. They will then move to do Dissertation Research Paper phase which can take 1 or 2 years. Once they graduate, students will be awarded the Executive Doctor of Business Administration.

Research Philosophy
International Business
Advanced Statistics
Managerial Economics
Organisational Leadership

(Research Paper)

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