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PSM International College

PSM International College is a skill development training centre and consulting firm focused on teaching, learning, education and delivers world class business management training programs such as HR, Marketing, Banking, Finance, Leadership and Personal Development training to young adults, working professionals, and business executives. It also supports consulting services to startups and SMEs.

Our programmes, services and quality of teaching are intended to make best use of students’ potential. Moreover, the faculty members focus on preparing the students with scholarly and professional foundation demanded today’s and tomorrow’s professional careers and personal development.

At PSM International College, we count quality than quantity.

Programmes: Master of Business Administration


eMail: mba@psmeducation.com

Website: https://mypsm.psm.edu.mm

Phone: + 959 7777 10 140

Address: Pyay Road, No. 4056, 3rd Floor, Taw Win Centre Shopping Mall, Dagon Township, Yangon Region, Myanmar

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