How to Apply

Phase 1: Contact IBSS staff, MGW (My Global World) staff or learning center partner for specific program advice. To confirm details regarding any learning center partner, you can send email to My Global World’s Admissions Department: Phase 2: Candidates must send the required documents listed in the application form, along with the filled application form to IBSS Admissions Department. The Admissions Department will review the Candidates documents and if everything is in order, a letter of admission will be given. Candidates who wish to apply for a scholarship must fill in a scholarship application and participate in an interview with IBSS school representatives. If the Candidate is successful, IBSS will send a scholarship letter within three (3) working days after the interview.

After the Candidate has received the letter of admission and letter of scholarship (if Candidate applied), the Candidate must sign both letters and send them back to MGW/IBSS Admissions Department along with the first year tuition fee, accommodation fee (including the accommodation deposit) and other fees mentioned in the letter of admission / scholarship letter. Please note: If a Candidate is given a scholarship, the scholarship amount is deducted from the tuition, accommodation and other fees.

Required documents to prepare: IBSS application form Copy of passport ID page For Bachelor program Candidates: High school diploma and transcript For Master & Doctoral program Candidates: Official transcripts and degrees of all programmes you have received academic credit for IELTS or equivalent English Proficiency certificate depending on visa regulations on specific countries and please see program entry requirements Phase 3: After receiving the first payment, IBSS will send the official receipt of payment. Upon arrival at IBSS the Registrar’s Office will issue the candidate a timetable.

Entry Requirements

Bachelor of Business Administration

A minimum age of 18 at enrolment
High School Diploma (or equivalent)
IELTS 5.5 (or equivalent)

Master of Business Administration

Bachelor Degree (or equivalent)
IELTS 6.0 (or equivalent)

Doctor of Business Administration

Master Degree (or equivalent)
IELTS 6.0 (or equivalent)

Tuition Fee

On Campus - Online - Blended

Please contact IBSS Admissions Office
for tuition fees for BBA, MBA and DBA.

Online via our Partners/Learning Centres

Tuition fees for BBA, MBA and DBA vary for every partner and
can be confirmed from the specific learning center partners.


IBSS and My Global World have several initiatives for students who wish to apply for a scholarship. As we believe that all students deserve a right to study, we offer up to 50% scholarships for online and blended tuition fees for deserving students. Speak to our Admissions Team for further details. Students will go through an interview session with the Admissions Team before the scholarship percentage is decided. Scholarship students are required to attend 90% of their classes and keep a good grade in all their courses. Scholarships will be revoked if students breach any of the scholarship rules and regulations or disobey rules set by IBSS & MGW.

Terms & Conditions

Students should ensure they read these terms and conditions very carefully before signing their application for enrolment.

Curriculum and Degree:

The program curriculum has been developed by IBSS. The degree may not be locally certified for each individual student, but constituted as legal according to the laws of Denmark and created to represent a good value worldwide.
At the end of the program after passing the final capstone project or final thesis, students will be awarded a degree from IBSS.

Tuition Fees:

All payments should be made in full. In case of bank transfer or credit card charges incurred by IBSS, there will be a re-invoice to student’s accounts to guarantee that IBSS receives the payment in full.

Any variation to standard payment terms must be made by prior arrangement together with a written consent. With programs where only a part of the fee is paid before the program starts – the student is to pay full fees. If payments are not made at the agreed timings IBSS has the right to cancel the student’s academic place and to charge a 10% fine on the outstanding balance.

Tuition fees includes:

  • Direct training program (face-to-face lectures onsite or online live lectures)
  • Access to online study materials and presentations
  • Capstone project or thesis fee

Tuition fee excludes:

  • Hard copy books and material
  • Re-taking of failed course
Fines (Penalties):

IBSS has the right to charge the students fines in the following cases:

  • Payments not made on the agreed timings
  • Not showing up for a presentation of capstone project or thesis
  • Not submitting assignments on due dates

Contact the Registrar office to inquire about the amount of each fine.

Deferrals, Cancellations and Refunding:

Course cancellation or deferral requests must be made with a four-week notice before the start date. Requests must be written and sent to IBSS Administration Office through email only, requests through phone calls will not be accepted. Students may defer the start of the course, up to a maximum of two times.
Student must ensure to prepare a written request with a full explanation of reasons for the deferral and also include details of the preferred new start date for the course. Students have the right to cancel their enrollment at anytime after their registration.

  • In case of cancellation more than two weeks ahead of the course start date – students will receive 50% refund of the registration fees.
  • In case of cancellation less than two weeks ahead of the course start date – student will receive no refund.
  • Student no-show for the first lecture with no prior notice is considered a cancellation and no refund will be issued in this case. Student must re-register and re-pay for enrollment.
  • In case of missing more than 25% of the classes without prior permissions, IBSS has the right to dismiss the student with no refund.

Contact the administration office to inquire about the amount of each fine.


Students are accepted into the program with the understanding that they must attend 100% of the classes. By signing the application, the student declares accepting withdrawal by the Registrar in case of missing more than 25% of the classes without prior request. IBSS has the right to dismiss the student with no refund.


Students are responsible for the cost of any damages to IBSS property to be paid to IBSS in case of misuse.