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EDJ Academy is devoted to providing affordable and quality international education offered by recognized and well-known internationally accredited institutions. We offer MBA & DBA programs and Diploma courses with excellence in teaching, learning, and research.

We assist you in building your career worldwide starting from your own home country as most of our programs are taught online.

The greatest strength of any institution is its people, so to all in the EDJ Academy community —and beyond— thank you for supporting EDJ Academy.

We are a representative of My Global World Educational Group :: International Business Academy of Switzerland (IBSS), La Xenia International Institute of Switzerland & International Business Academy of Switzerland (IBAS).

In Collaboration with International Business School of Switzerland (IBSS) …
IBSS Curriculum – Taught by International Teachers

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – General
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) – General
In Collaboration with Capacity Development Competitiveness Co. for Training “Quodrat”
“Quodrat” established to be the strategic and executive arm for building and development of the human capital. It aims to raise the level of performance and competitiveness of the employees by offering various training programs, workshops, specialized seminars and educational events. Our motto is “Establishing a learning institution where any person can fulfill his educational desires in any study.”
Post-Graduate Diploma Program
  • Project Management
  • The program equips project managers with competences, enabling them to position their organisations to compete successfully in a complex and competitive business environment.
                2 semesters   |   7 courses   |   175 hours
  • Training & Development
  • This program introduces participants to the theories, application and skills development aspects of Training and Development. Participants will learn how to assess, design, develop, implement and evaluate a training program.
                2 semesters   |   5 courses   |   200 hours
  • eMail:  info@quodrat.com
  • Phone:  +20223879027
  • Fax:  +2023879030
  • Website:  https://quodrat.com/
  • Address:   3 Mosa Ibn Nosseir – 7th District – Nasr City, Cairo, ARE
eMail: info@edj-academy.org
Website: https://edj-academy.org/
Phone: +20 1061211105
Address: 19 Al Mesaha, Street, Ad Doqi A, Dokki,
Giza Governorate Giza, Egypt
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