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International Business Academy of Istanbul (IBAT)


International Business Academy of Turkey (IBAT) is an international educational institution based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Such location gives the IBAT a strong positioning through international networking as well as flexibility and continuous improvement through the global exchange of experience and knowledge. IBAT is considered to be one of the most prominent capacity-building and consultancy service companies that acts as a bridge between internationally accredited and recognized awarding bodies in the Middle East, Africa, Western and Eastern Europe.

IBAT provides a variety of services in areas of public and private institutional development such as education and capacity-building programs, human resource development, business development consultancies, marketing solutions, and supportive social development project


eMails:  a.nouri.iba@gmail.com; h.nouri.iba@gmail.com; hassan.mhr.bel@gmail.com

Website:  www.mhr-gi.com

Phone:  +90 544 33 63 777, +90 544 33 62 777, +90 544 180 29 93

Address:  Talatpaşa Mahallesi, 1047 Sokak No:63A, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey

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