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One Stop for Consulting and Training is a renowned management consulting and training company dedicated to providing cutting-edge and exceptional business solutions. Their team of highly skilled and experienced consultants is committed to delivering superior results through their extensive practical knowledge and expertise.

 At their core, One Stop for Consulting and Training firmly adhere to a set of deeply ingrained values that permeate their company culture. These values include a strong emphasis on building and nurturing client relationships, prioritizing the development and growth of their people, upholding unwavering integrity in all their interactions, fostering creativity and innovation, and consistently striving for excellence in performance.

In all One Stop for Consulting and Training‘s interactions, they maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct. Their commitment to honesty, transparency, and confidentiality ensures that their clients can trust them as their strategic partners.

Furthermore, One Stop for Consulting and Training sets ambitious performance benchmarks for themselves and consistently strive for excellence. They measure their success by the impact they create for their clients and the value they bring to their organizations. With One Stop for Consulting and Training‘s unwavering commitment to client relations, people development, integrity, creativity, and performance excellence, they are dedicated to being the trusted partner that organizations rely on for their most critical business needs.

Franchised Programs

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)


eMail:  info@onestop-global.com

Website:  https://onestop-global.com/

Phone:  +20 1200824446


Villa No.28, El Narges 8

New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt